Other Examples of Some of My Best Work on Behalf of the Medically Underserved

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 I help applicants to Medical School from all over the world to be selected for admission. My special interest is in the appreciation of diversity, the basic right of each and every individual in a civilized society to adequate medical care, and the forging of a brave new world in terms of medical technology and education, especially in the area of prevention. Most of my clients are applicants to MD programs but I am also having the privilege of helping a growing number of applicants to pre-medical programs. I would be honored to draft a model first paragraph for your Statement free of charge to promote my service.

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I turned my PHD in World Religions (University of Southern California, 1995) into a celebration of diversity in medical school admissions, especially for applicants born in the Developing World who look forward to returning to their countries of origin to help with the great need that exists for new initiatives in health care for the masses of ordinary people, many if not most of whom have never seen a doctor. I do this because I see Jesus in the faces of poor children without adequate health care. Since finishing my own doctoral studies almost 20 years ago in religion, ethics, and liberation, I have dedicated my professional life to the study of what makes the Personal Statement for admission to medical school as effective as possible. I have found that the central focus must be the medically underserved.

I have given most of my life to the study of the Developing World and I am now a permanent resident of Cochabamba, Bolivia (the poorest country in South America), living here for the past three years with my Bolivian wife and infant son. While originally from the United States and educated there through my PHD studies in Los Angeles, since my graduation in 1995, I have chosen to live among the people in the poorest countries in Latin America, first Central and now South America. The samples posted on my web site from several years ago are exemplary of the kind of work that I most appreciate having the opportunity to perform: helping applicants to get accepted to medical school who want to help advance the cause of medical care for the medically underserved, especially in the Developing World, at least at some point in their career.

My service is quite different from other statement writing services on the Internet for several reasons. I am the little guy on the web, not a big business like most of my competitors. You deal directly with me. I answer all of your questions completely free of charge and I am solely responsible for producing a statement that you are very pleased with. You need not pay for your all-important first paragraph. I only ask for payment in case you should decide to commission me to draft your statement for dental school in its entirety.

Personal Statement Help for Admission to Medical School: My Central Strategy

My philosophy concerning the quest to get accepted to medical school turns on two fundamental assumptions. First, my research shows that medical school admissions committees are dedicated to selecting applicants that they are convinced will be among those most likely to make major contribution to access to medical care for the underserved. In other words, they want to provide the additional training and experience not to those most likely to serve themselves, but to those applicants that make a convincing case for their--at least long term--goal of helping some of the neediest people on the planet. Second, I assume that diversity is a plus. I am convinced that your ethnic background and professional experiences in a foreign country, or one's country of origin, are of critical importance to your application. These factors can be powerful assets if they are portrayed in an eloquent essay with an effective structure and agile transitions. I would like to help!

One of my Best Personal Statements for Medical School

Being accepted to medical school here in the USA will be something that is beyond the wildest dreams of someone like me. An African woman born and raised in Ghana, higher education was simply not a reasonable expectation in my country of origin, especially for girls who wanted to become doctors. Thus, my acceptance to medical school in the USA as an African woman raised in Ghana until the age of 15, represents a triumph for women in Ghana as well as black women generally speaking. I look forward to contributing to the underrepresentation of black doctors in practice – men as well as women – in America, especially those born in Africa. In addition to serving as a member of the choir, I also lead religious services at my church with frequency, which has heightened my confidence and inspired me to think creatively about leadership roles in medicine.

Now 25, I have spent the last 10 years in XXXX, Virginia, my new home in the USA. Despite having become African-American in many ways, my soul will always be African and this is especially true in terms of my profession, vocation, calling in life: medicine. I have completed my undergraduate studies in Biology and I have distinguished myself through my volunteer work.

I faced many challengers as an African girl seeking an advanced education in the physical sciences – especially my father. He has never seen any value in the higher education of women and refused to spend anything at all on my education. I worked to support myself all through my undergraduate studies at the same time that I also participated in many medical related activities as a student. I sustained my own struggle to prepare for entrance to medical school for 4 years – despite inadequate sleep.

My journey towards medicine began while still a child, when my aunt suffered a terrible accident that left her crippled, having fallen from a tall building and landed on her knees. After doctors told her she was never going to be able to use her lower body again, she had to relocate to our house so that she could have access to the best doctors and proper care by our extended family. During this time I lived with my aunt, my mother’s sister and her family, and I thought of her much in the same way as my own mother. In fact, I not only shared a room but also a bed with my aunty throughout this ordeal; hence its intensity for two years - while I was 10 to 12. She died believing that she had already survived her accident a long time because of the care that I gave her; she would say I gave her hope each day to live. She taught me that strength comes from within and that love and compassion can save. Before she died coughing up blood, she had learned how to walk again and frequently went to the toilet on her own.

While my aunt lived with us, I helped her bathe, go the bathroom, fed her, dressed her, checked her pulse, gave her medicine, etc. I loved caring for her and being her personal doctor as my family would say. The greatest thing was that I became her friend; I showed her that she mattered and that she was loved. The experience of my aunt taught me to have a positive outlook on life and I have become a fervent believer in the power of hope. Shortly after being accepted to XXXX University, my boyfriend was diagnosed with hydrocephalus, brain damage due to fluid buildup; this experience also made me stronger and strengthened my belief that healing starts in the mind.

I know how far a little compassion and warmth can go and I want to live my life knowing that I am helping others to live each day. I believe becoming the best medical doctor requires not only knowledge of the body but also proper care through compassion and kindness. I am convinced that I will be a great physician on the basis of my experiences thus far.

Most precisely, I hope to become a world class OBGYN because my greatest desire is to devote my life to the care of women and their babies at the most vulnerable moment in time for both of them, precisely the time that so many preventable deaths occur in Africa, for mother and child alike. I want to practice and struggle on two continents, helping to reduce infant and mother mortality rates in Africa, in particular, where they remain alarmingly high, in Ghana as elsewhere.

I served as a volunteer Nurse Assistant in a hospital for 2 months, caring for the elderly, and also served as a youth leader and mentor of children, teaching kids and helping them with their school work. One special professional highlight for me which exemplifies the diversity of my interest was my semester spent working on GIS technology at the XXXX Museum.

With my sights set on Women’s Health and Reproduction, I intend to distinguish myself in your program as a student who becomes especially knowledgeable about ovarian, cervical, and other cancers that are specifically related to women and reproduction. My aunty believed that my soul purpose on earth was to take care of the sick and that is true. In fact, I want to treasure life to its fullest each day, bring new life into being, save the lives of new born babies that I hear crying in my hands. That is life.

I thank you for considering my application to medical school.

All of the Statement samples on this web site were written more than 2 years ago and all are anonymous.

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Sample 1st Paragraph for Application to Medical School, Diabetic Father

The fact that my father – who I absolutely adore - has spent the last couple of decades battling for his life against diabetes has helped to shape my academic and intellectual interests along with my professional horizons and career choices. Earning my BS Degree in Community Health provided me with a platform to a variety of options in health care; throughout my undergraduate years I spent a lot of time weighing m those and finally made the decision to apply to medical school. It is simply the very center of my passion and thus I feel called, particularly with respect to Cancer, Cardiovascular Disease, and most of all Diabetes and the way that it is related to obesity.